Monday, January 23, 2012

mini holiday

we got a room voucher to claim at mt kinabalu heritage before it expires so that was where we at on the weekend. we wanted to extend at another place and were lucky to find 2 connecting rooms available without prebooking at another resort the next night. its the start of CNY holiday, the place is full of Bruneians and West Malaysians on vacation.

the kids suggest we go climb the mountain. i dont think so. my eldest son has started coming to the gym with me, which pleases me, i got company now. he might be ready for mountain, but i'm pretty sure i'm gonna have to carry helmi on my back. not that i think i can muster climbing myself or planning to in the near future (or any future). just hypothetically speaking. V and S, please stop me if ever i go that crazy.

moving on. the kids enjoyed feeding the rabbits at the Rabbit House and strolling (running) up and down the resort driveway feeling the cool breeze. note - i need to work out more to keep up with their energy. sometimes i want to press 'pause' on these kids. they are growing up much too fast for me.

ok, enjoy the pics.

 Helmi impatiently waiting for feeding time

 room view

 we found some friendly squirrels in the woods at timpohon station.

and then i found my slipper at Kundasang shop.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Enjoy your holidays.


whimsical said...

naik gunung....adeiiii.Tapi kalau si langu dia boleh tu M!!! akan dia conquer gunung tersebut!

fabmom said...

ya betul! i hv no doubt. kita..x payah la ba kan.

Shabbymom said...

hahahahaha!...inda payah tah!...kena bari free pun aku inda mau!