Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bowling Nite

My arm is sore from lifting and rolling the 10kg ball 40 times last night. Thats more than what I do in a regular gym session.

We had an Inter family Tournament at Sutera Strikers that looked more like a practise session than a competition with prizes to grab.Some bowled for the first time in their lives.

But competition it was. We made 4 categories and the winners are :

Men Senior (the daddys) - brother inlaw (my elder sis' hubby)
Men Junior  - nephew (another elder sis' son)
Women Senior a.k.a The Big Momma - sister in law (my late brother's wife)
Women Junior - niece (eldest bro's daughter)

Meaning me, my younger brother and younger sis didn't win anything for our family. The elders rule. Well they had bigger and stronger kids. (bah, sour grape).

We exit the alley at 11.00 pm after photo session and prize giving and then adjourned for supper across the road till midnight.

That was a fun get-together do.


whimsical said...

best kan perjumpaan kekeluargaan!

fabmom said...

d very best! perjumpaan 'sahabat' pun ok bah *wink. jadi bila kita? skg ni masih busy lg dgn family. nnt kita mesti jamuan ah.

fabmom said...
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Shabbymom said...

sangat best kan mun bejumpa keluarga!.....bah bila kita punya perjumpaan???