Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sepetang di Sipitang

Dan seharian di perjalanan. Because we made stops to eat and this and that, plus heavy rain.

My brother in law has to visit his family's kebun buah today in Sipitang so we tagged along, all 5 families, to see and 'help'. We got our city kids make themselves useful in the kebun and experience first hand a bit of the hardship of kampung life. Bitten by mosquitos, filling up the 'tekiding' with durians and heaved the heavy load to the car. Our salute to inlaw's mom for managing this all by herself all this time, in addition to living alone in a house remote from neighbours. The area is so empty and quiet. I feel a kind of sadness whenever I visit her. And how she manages it without transport is another mindblowing thing. She actually walk home with the load of durians on her back (and its not a short walk, oh my god). Durians are heavy ok. Have you tried carrying a sack of it? There's got to be at least 20kg in there.

The reward is ofcourse sampling the harvest. Durian putih, durian kuning, other fruits- mangosteen, langsat. No need to tell you they are all juicy and sweet.

We made our way back late afternoon and stopped by the esplanade for satay. I know that's not the wisest thing after durian but.. well..whatever..too late. I dont know why we were so hungry, did we work too hard in the kebun? Hardly. We were just posing and taking pictures but we finished about ..probably 200 cucuk satay and some 30 pc bbq chk wings between 20 of us. I guess that's not so bad.

Looks like pesta durian la sepanjang minggu ni.


whimsical said...

astaga 200 cucuk!!! hahahahhaahhaa tahniah kerana menjadi penjana ekonomi setempat di Sipitang!

fabmom said...

hahaha! angka benar tu V, we did! tapi kami 20 orang bah. 1 org 10 kira nda jua telampau bah kan..hihihi. tapi sedap oh dia pny satay. Nama gerai dia Siga-Siga. ketupat dia pun sedap. Bah..sudah2!

whimsical said...

m lain cerita, si helmy bah.memang city boy! mcm kerasangan btl ekspresi mukanya.kena gigit nyamuk ka itu?

satay sipitang i rasa memang paling nyaman bah kan.inda boleh lawan kan

fabmom said...

Hahaha! Mmg bernyamuk! Padahal dia sdh pakai spray repellent tu kena aga nyamuk juga.

Shabbymom said...

astaga!...cuti2 makan oh kamu!!! c helmi mimang ct boy!....mana gambar satay??

fabmom said...

Hi S! Aku ingat u p mana tiada update. Mana lg tergambar sibuk pegang satay. Merakat lg tu tangan kena ketupat.hehe.