Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year post

I actually stayed up till the stroke of midnight. I haven't done that for some time. Normally I turned in my usual bedtime not bothering to count down. This year my inlaws arranged bbq and fireworks so there was that to look for. Seeing the sky erupt with the bursting flames and booming noise. The area we stay is always big on fireworks. Chinese new year , xmas, eid, you'd be sure there'll be someone starting the crackers. So it was like some sort of competition, one display after another all round the neighbourhood. The kids were beside themselves with glee, jumping and shrieking.

Later, barely an hour after everyone turned in, sad news came in. Hubby's elderly relative who's been warded for 3 weeks has passed away. Hubby and his mom and siblings left for hometown next morning for the burial.

I stayed with the kids and got to a last gathering at a sister's for tea and bubur durian. As if I haven't been stuffing myself enough. We had bubur durian too at our bbq and then durian cake. Not durian shaped or durian flavored cake, ok. This is a cake with durian flesh, generously, layered in it. Yummy, my word..that's the most fresh durian cake I ever tasted. I don't know when I turned into a durian lover. I normally don't really go crazy.

Yesterday I went for another gathering at a friend's to watch a certain box office movie on
her CD. Over rated in my opinion. It was not bad, it wasn't really great. What's great is our lunch that day. Perfect ten for Sri's mom's cooking. The sambal ikan masin and bambangan made serious damage to my diet plan. Seriously, I couldn't not have second helping with that combination. I had third and fourth helpings. Help me.

Oh well. Have a blessed year everyone.


Val said...

Awu memang perfect ten for lunch kan!!!!!!! Mana gambar kek durian?sapa yg masak?

fabmom said...

Kek durian sudah dlm perut. Nyaman! Bukan dari kedai. Ada kawan Jef iparnya pandai bikin. One day kita test drive ah.