Friday, January 6, 2012

The Weeks That Were

These are backlogs of the 2 weeks prior to last post :-

1. I exhausted myself cooking for hubby's birthday party. Not that it was grand or anything but you know, maidless made it very tiring. Note to self - next time use paper plates. Why I never is beyond me. I just like doing things the hard way. Anyway, we received a surprise home made durian cake from unexpected guest/ friend which was so delicious and instantly became famous.

2.  The next day, we played (or rather the boys and men played and we ladies running about aimlessly giggling) futsal in a family match. Helmi put on a good show and won golden boot  for top scorer. Two family members arrived so late, we have finished playing and were resting and having drinks outside and were about to finish that too when they finally turned up in their sports attire. Haiyya.

3. The same afternoon, we had a family karaoke session at K-Box in town arranged by my brother who was a renowned singer during his college days.  Aduh. Immediately we characterised into 2 groups. Oldies and Teens. Whenever Korean songs blared from the speaker, the mike is passed over to the nieces. We noticed then that they memorised the  lyrics and were singing as if they could read Korean from the screen. The oldies , well you know, standard evergreens. There's Celine Deon,  Bee Gees,  Jamal Abdillah, Dewa. Problem is, only one can really sing and whenever we like certain songs we don't even know what's the title to look for. And just why the video clip so rubbish is unfathomable to me. Absolutely irrelevant and poorly and hideous. Entah apa-apa. Patut pun budak2 tu nda sudi, bagus lagi K-Pop boleh lagi layan dance video dia.

4. Invited to a xmas wedding by inlaws. The halal food catered for muslim guests was very delicious. (makanan saja aku aga kan?).

5. Got together with BFF for year end lunch at our official hotel restaurant (aiseh). Perfect lamb roasts made our day. Hubby asked only one thing, 'kenapa hari Khamis, bukan Jumaat ka hari kamu makan2?'. Sudah tukar la kan. I didn't realise it was a Thursday. I got some cute Hong Kong souveneirs from Sri which I adore. Thanks gal.

6. The next morning, sailed to an island for a family day trip. Just 3 families, the rest backed out at the last minute due to weather scare. We had  an awesome time. I swam a little, tried snorkelling a little and munched snacks non-stop. Helmi and Azim become pro at parasailing. The weather was fine, wasn't too hot so we didn't burn. We got back on land before it rained and sambung makan2 at Garden Point. Have you tried the new stall selling ikan bakar? Not bad kan? I recommend ikan putih bakar sambal and terung bakar.

7. On 31st we had a family bbq at home to welcome the new year. My inlaws did the barbequing , of fish, squids, chicken wings, lamb, sausages, which turned out perfect and superb. (This time we got the paper plates out). And the famous durian cake made another appearance, and disappearance. The countdown finale was fireworks in the front yard, anxiously waited on by our children. I was actually getting sleepy and ready to call it a day. Mental note telling I consumed too much lamb and durian for 3 days in a row. Unwise but unavoidable.

So holiday is over. How is everyone's first day of school? Somebody made Prefect this year. I think he looks cute in his new uniform.

Happy weekend.


whimsical said...

M memang sgt full kan jadual u.socialite putatan.memang u patut sudah stock paper plates atau dedaun pisang as replacement for pinggan. Sapa bah pembuat kek durian misteri atu?

Shabbymom said...

wahhh!...bulih masuk majalah Sabah Tatler sudah kan socialite putatan ni!....basar sanyuman c hilmi!!!!

memang selalu kita makan2 hari jumaat kan!!!...c jeff ingat ohhhh!

fabmom said...

Hahaha socialite! Musim cuti memang kami keluarga suka berkumpul dan beriadah. Sekarang masing2 busy school & kerja balik lagi sunyi, gitu. V, kek durian tu memang out of tis world, lain kali kita order utk kita bertiga.