Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sad weekend here for mom and sis in law. Some lowlife had broken into Labuan home (while they were there Friday night)and took off with their cellphones and handbags, and whatever inside. Fortunately no one was harmed and no major valuables stolen but what a damper that is to a supposedly relaxing weekend. The irritating troublesomeness of sorting out with authority and all the personal official documents to be reapplied. Curse to the burglar.

And then the sad passing of the great Whitney Houston. Greatest voice ever. That's all I want to remember her by. She ruled during my school years. She's the Voice. Whatever bad turnaroud befell her I blame on Bobby Brown. Foul rotten influence. If she hadn't abused substance and kept fit like Madonna (and Madonna sound like crap, how she sold out concerts i don't understand) she'd still be alive. Tiba2 marah Madonna pula ni nda pasal2.

Ok. Moral of the story - recheck the safety & security of your house and stay away from drugs.

Happy Monday.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi FabMom, regret to read of your SL and mom's losses. Yes, it can be very distressing to lose personal things. But glad they wee not harmed.

Hope things will be fine with them soon.
Maybe get a good watch dog? Always a good investment get a guard dog.
Wishing you a happy Valentine day.
Keep a song in your heart.

fabmom said...

tq Lee. enjoy ur valentine.

whimsical said...

M kau tau i am sad too. May her soul rest ipeace.

Dan kesian akak madonna di marahi hahaahah