Monday, October 25, 2010

Melbourne Moments : Part VI

More City Sightseeing

Sorry I'm late. Mari kita tour city lagi. Banyak sangat tempat untuk dilawati di sini memang tak cukup 1 minggu. Belum lagi kami ke area yang jauh-jauh macam St. Kilda, Toorak, dll. Bila aku baca balik macam best pula St. Kilda tu. Nda apa lah. Insya allah lain kali kalau ada rezeki datang lagi bawa anak-anak.

So let's see what we've got around the city.

Ini dekat Swanson St. Ada pemusik jalanan. That lady bought his CD and she got a rose.

That's me chased by paparazzi..NOT. Hurrying up for the mid-season sale at David Jones and Myers. Last day offer.

Flinders Street Station. The central train station, the oldest in Australia. A popular meeting place. When Melburnian say, "I'll meet you under the clocks", that refers to the clocks above the station's main entrance. Its the most recognisable landmark in the city.

And this is Yarra River. Its next to Flinders Street Station.

The Yarra is a hub icon in Melbourne and the focus for many events like Moomba Waterfest, rowing regattas , Food & Wine Festival and major exhibitions.

The Melbourne Aquarium is located here.

Below is the State Library of Victoria.

The main entrance is facing Swanson Street.

The grassy lawn on both sides the main entrance is a popular lunch-spot for city workers and students of RMIT University.

This is on another street. Along the way to Town Hall.

This is the Town Hall. Ini la dorang punya DBKK.

spring is here.

Seterusnya, gambar kedai-kedai yang kami keluar masuk, hanya untuk tujuan bergambar.

This is Federation Square. A popular hang out place.

It's a cultural precinct in the city. The square comprises of buildings that houses public broadcaster, art galleries, museum, cinemas and exhibition spaces.

There was a Melbourne Music Festival happening during our stay.

We got to catch a few local gigs.

This was on Friday night, people started crowding after office hour.

And soon the party began.

Another live entertainment at City Square.

She's the opening act. Macam orang nda pay attention kan. kesian. boring la tu.

An African band. Saturday night. The place is jam-packed.

It's our last night in town. Its also the finale of the Melbourne Music Festival here. Enjoying the live music before going home.

Yang bikin rancak adalah dancers cum back vocal nya. Everyone shook their booties along.

Selesai. That's all from Melbourne. See you next time.


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whimsical said...

Lawa kan melbourne m.itu bini bini yg pakai dress polka dot mabuk ka?dbkk dorang pun memangla bah grand kan.kesian dbkk kitani kan