Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Melbourne Moments : Part III

City Sightseeing

Around the city today I'm gonna bring you to 3 places:- Harley-Heaven, Royal Arcade and RMIT University.


During our stop at Port Campbell National Park, hubby met some big bikers. He's elated to see they are much older than him and confirmed his opinion that its cool riding big bike at his age.

I don't think they look cool.

Anyway we went searching for the Harley-Davidson store the very next day. We found the original address at Elizabeth St.

But found out they had moved. Undeterred, hubby made us tracked down the new address at A'Beckett St. and.... it is !..the gateway to heaven..Harley-Heaven.

He was like a kid let loose in a toy store. He looked like he wanted to buy everything (he did get a helmet and some tshirts). He got me a jacket for patiently waiting around 2 hours and made me pose outside the store.

So I put on the new jacket and tried to look like a hot chick biker.

That's not him. That's some other customer. He's across the street taking this picture. I'm supposed to look like I own the bike. Do I succeed?

Hot ka out ? You decide.
Royal Arcade
Royal Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade at Bourke Street. It has similar style to London Court in Perth.

I love this place. I love the Victorian design. It is indeed in the Victoria Heritage Register. A historical business centre built in 1869.

I love the cute little shops. I love the atmosphere.

I imagined walking in Diagon Alley.

My head kept turning around marvelling the displays.

Spellbox - scales, spell books

dark objects?

robes, pointed hats

powder perfumes

Sugar Sugar. There's candy-making demo in the shop and all the candies in the world, all colors and tastes. So Honeyduke.
Lovely, a must see place.


So why bring you to university?

Well, it's right in the middle of the city. It's in our city sightseeings. RMIT. That's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Yeah. That's the landmark. The green slimy-looking top.

It's not closed-off style. It's not surrounded by walls. It blends with the city.

It's one of the largest uni in Australia. There are 3 main campuses around Melbourne. This one in the city, the other 2 in Brunswick and Point Cook.

Ok, that's all for today. We'll see where we go tomorrow. Have a nice day.


whimsical said...

M, wakakakakakakakak lucu juga si Jeg\ff ni kan. Ok jua the pose seblah motosikal, cuma patut ujgn pegang plastik bag! itu yg gave u away! Bida la bah jua plastik bag.hahahahahahha

fabmom said...

hahahahahaha!! kau ni W, itu la carrier bag Harley. pengguna Harley tu namanya..hahahahahaha...

whimsical said...

M not bad o the pink jacket.real leather atau "genuine"?