Saturday, October 16, 2010

Melbourne Moments : Part 1

How are you mate? Good day today?

I'm refreshed and rejuvenated, as intended after a week long vacation with hubby to Melbourne, Australia. I'm just about done sorting about 2000 photos we have. On to the first post.

The Great Ocean Road Tour
We took a tour on our second day to The Great Ocean Road. Its in Victoria, about 4 hours drive from Melbourne.We were up bright and early on Wednesday morning.

Our pick up time 7.30 am. A small group of 20 people in our day tour. Normally the fee is 120 AUD per person, but there was a promotion going and we got 95 AUD.

This tour is about beautiful coastal views, amazing beaches and all nature beauty. Several stops along the way for picture taking, coffee breaks, etc.
Our first stop is Bells Beach. Its a renowned surf beach. Currently the home to the world's longest running surf competition.

We caught some surfers in action. There are always somebody surfing regardless the weather. Its cold outside, I can't imagine in the water.

We took our coffee break here.

This structure with aborigines mural is the public toilet.

The next stop is Split Point Lighthouse.

If you wander down and get to a tiny spit, you can look out to a great view of what's called the Australia Shipwreck Coast. Its where about 700 ship wrecks said to have littered the coast.

beautiful postcard view.

along the way, a bizzare house hanging on stilt.
We steered off the coastline into the woods for a minute, for a bit of wildlife and rainforest walk.
200 years old tree as big as a house.
We stopped at Kenneth River.
For a picnic lunch.
But hubby & I brought our own sandwiches and whiled away here at the local cafe. Our group was fun. There were 2 families from England, a couple of students from China, a couple from Spain, a couple from India, one from Puerto Rico and 2 Aussies. They were all nice and friendly.

After lunch, we headed off to the main tourist spot in this road tour, The 12 Apostles.

Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks, off the coast of Port Campbell National Park.
Its formed by erosion. Waves eroded the limestones to form caves in the cliff, which then became arches, which in turn collapsed leaving rock stacks.
There are now 8 stacks left. The others have collapsed over time.

This has got to be the most breathtaking ocean view I've ever seen in my life.
Spectacular and majestic.
Looking out from the cliff , its hard not to be humbled and awed by greatness of God.

His creations and the beauty of it.
It was more real than a picture perfect postcard background.

Up several miles, we got to view the remains of the collapsed London Bridge. There's a London Bridge in Melbourne did you know? I didn't.
The last stop was Lorch Ard Gorge.
Lorch Ard is the name of the ship that was wrecked in this coast, killing all but 2 passengers, one young woman and one young man. It became a popular local history.
Top- is a view from up the cliff. When you descend to the shore, its amazing.

I thought its a bit like the scene background of Leonardo's movie, The Beach.

We got back to the city at 8.15pm and were told it had been raining all day. A great timing for a day out of town. So I'll see you again soon.



whimsical said...

astaga M, amazing the batu batu kan!!! Lawa btl ooo! baik u bikin poster bikin frame di rumah agam mu!

whimsical said...

M, jaga jaga kau keluar tambuakar dari lubang pokok besar tu!