Monday, October 18, 2010

Melbourne Moments : Part II

Queen Victoria Market
We hopped on City Circle, the public tram, to Queen Victoria Market on Thurs morning.

It's a very large open-air market, sited on 7 hectares land.
You can find everything under the sun here. Fresh produce, clothings, accessories, antiques, crafts, jewelleries, souveneirs,hardwares, households, etc,etc,etc. All at knocked down prices.

It opens daily at 6 am to 12pm or 6 pm depending on the days.

We got these for the kids. Non toxic - they can color their tongues, no harm and it can be used on cakes. Non dry-out (never dry, let's see). Washable on clothes. 40 AUD for 5 boxes.

There are ample cafes at Food Bar.

It's not really one market, rather several markets, each with its own identity (eastern, western, lower, upper).

You have to spend at least half a day. The wet market alone must have been several acres.

The second part of the day was spent at Harley Heaven, a big bikers store. That'll be part III though. It's too much to rearrange the photos now. So, be back later.


whimsical said...

M, panjang juga pisang dorang.mcm pisang hijau kita kan. best best.bah laju part 3.
P/s so far my fav is pic u dgn the pokok raksasa! yg di part I. So very fairy tales kan!!!mcm buku cerita dulu dulu yg org tinggal dlm batang pokok.

fabmom said...

itu pula kau suka..sebenarnya bikin seram juga itu pokok bagak tu..tapi demi gambar sanggup..imagine 200 th umur dia..errrrr...namau fikir...

whimsical said...

M astaga tua kan the poke.yg u take pic di btg belubang bah, entah entah house si tambuakar!