Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melbourne Moments : Part IV

Melbourne Museum

Let's go to the museum. From Victoria Street, it's a nice walk through Carlton Gardens.

You will see Royal Exhibition Building, which is adjacent to the museum.

We actually mistook it for the museum. We got to a ticket counter and without checking purchased entrance for a Craft Exhibition. Crafty things, you know, basically women's stuffs. Everthing in Better Homes & Gardens. There were booths like sew and show, stitch & bitch, sit & sew, make & take, bead boudoir, quilt boot camp, etc. It was exciting, I liked it. All the pretty cute stuffs, hand-made and fascinating. But for hubby it was torture.

You are not supposed to take photographs in events like this for intellectual property rights so I couldn't do close ups but it was real heaven for crafty projects.

I had to remind myself that I don't even own a sewing machine to not lose my head and buy stuffs I don't need and don't know how to use.

In the end I picked some scrapbooking stuffs for my daughter.

So now to the museum.

The reason we went here is because there was a special attraction that was ending this week. Titanic Artefact Exhibition was held from 14 May till 17 October. We could only catch it now during our stay. The entrance fee included museum tour.

Melbourne Museum is large. It has like 10 galleries, 3 theatres, a public research centre, cafe and souvenier shops.

No photography except in Touring Hall where temporary exhibits are held.

Entrance for Titanic Artefact.

The ship's interior is re-created here in the exhibition hall and it showcased almost 300 artefacts retrieved from the debris field of the sunken ship.

We all know the story but it was still a moving and emotional tour.
We got some photos taken as postcards but I couldn't scan them as our scanner cranked at the moment so I snapped the photos again.

Well, until next tour, bye now!

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whimsical said...

syok kan gambar poskad di blakang titanic. ala ala kate winslet (k. winslet ka tu M?inda ku inga...)n leonardo di caprio la kamu ah