Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hari Raya Odysse

Syawal is ending. How are you guys faring?
Let me guess. Waistline expand- check. Plump cheeks- check. Bulging tummy-so check!Yeah..but its still nice having all these open-houses to attend before you're back to routine.

The below pics are of my fun-filled Raya spent in Labuan at mom-in-law's place. It was havoc leading up to Raya. A kid injured (Helmi again),endless cleaning , air-con repairing, TV replacing, a new cabinet ...,etc. For some reason, we like to do all these things a day before Raya. The new TV cabinet almost arrived on morning of Raya.

with sisters-in-law.

I had my open house in KK the second week. There was a fun reunion with some of my schoolmates.

Ex-SMESH batch 84'. Three of them were my dorm-mates way back then.

I'm very happy they came and made my day and we got these lovely photos taken together.

This was taken at a friend's open house a week prior.

Thanks to our active PR of reunion, Marilyn, we got together a lot and took pictures everywhere (smile).

Ok, enjoy getting busy with work and school. Good luck for PMR, whoever has kids sitting.

Blog off.

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whimsical said...

M memang raya sakan kan!teda gambar kambeng pangang ka?