Thursday, March 29, 2012

The City

Hello! I'm back. I'm not done with Korea story. Are you bored yet?

In the heart of Seoul, lies this skyscraper, the tallest building in Seoul, named 63 City (it has 63 floors) .

We're at the observatory floor, where you can view the whole city down below.

 There's also an art gallery here.

But can you tell that we're not much into art? We just want to hang out at the cafe.

 Most afternoons, when we got back to the city after the day's excursions, we were dropped at the shopping area for a couple of hours of retail theraphy. There's Dongdaemun, Sinchon, Itaewon.
But the pricing here, isn't stress relieving, at all. Gila mahal.

This is a Womans University. Right at the busy shopping street of Sinchon.
Boleh concentrate belajar ka tu, kalau ada Sale, I wonder?

 Cute kan scooter LV ? Bergaya oh pergi class pakai scooter LV.

Suka hatinya saja, only eye. Eleh, kami sudah dapat free masa lawat strawberry farm.

Tengok, besar dan ranum lagi buahnya kan. 

OK, nanti story lagi.

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whimsical said...

hshahahahahhahaah only eye!!!! emang suka hati ja direct translation yg emangnya pun salah!!!! hahahahahahahhahahahahhaa