Thursday, March 22, 2012

Everland Theme Park

Third Day. We have an early start today because we're going to visit a theme park. Yeay !

Everland is the largest theme park in South Korea. They have many. This one is in Yongin.

This is called skyway. Some sort of shortcut to travel from one section of the park to another. Because this park is HUGE. Long walks from one section to another and  quite hilly. There are several skyways like this throughout the park. Some 4 seated, some 2-seated. This one is taking us from American Adventure to European Adventure.

 Siok..naik skyway ni.

The guide wants us to start at the Zootopia as a group. This guide is a very organised, well planned tourist guide. He wants to make all things easy and convenient for everyone. He got us in here early just before the gate opens, got a nice spot for group photo, got us to q for the famous ride first so we don't miss out, arrange with the park staffs so we don't break our group (nda pernah bah kami tercampur sama orang lain), show us where the good toilet without many people, EVERYTHING that he could do to make it smooth for us.

We start with Safari Park.

We ride in a bus and get a close up look at the wild animals.
We are the ones caged here, in the locked bus, the animals roam freely in their habitat.

The bear is interesting. They do tricks, like a trained dog, they follow the bus driver's instruction. To stand, to sit, to wave, to count with head nods.

Next, we tried this, Amazon Express, a water-raft.
 Best gila.

After Safari, the guide gave us free reign. We toured ourselves and meet back at the meeting point.

 The bigger boys went and played this. T Express. The infamous, wooden roller coaster. Steep and crazy scary.

Safer bet for the smaller kids.

Racing their hearts out.

 Ini bukan angkasawan atau pemain sarkas, ini cleaner. tukang sapu.

 Lunch on our own today. We have shrimp burgers. First time aku makan burger udang, fish n chips tiada sini.

 Ok, just enjoy the rest of the pics, ok.

Ini baby service centre. Khas untuk tukar diapers and cleaning baby.

Ok then, till next post.

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