Friday, March 23, 2012

Ice Sculpting

We don't know how to sculpt nothing. Never learned it in school, nor  in our life thus far. But today we're visiting the ice gallery and a quick practical lesson in ice sculpting is upon us.

First, a demo by the expert.

Everyone tried to follow her closely. But she was very quick and it just looked very easy. Just a few quick hacks, she shaped a square block into a mug, another few shaves produced a handle, and then she hacked it all and changed it into a wine glass, and then finally reshaped into a soup bowl.  She was done in 5 minutes. Errr.

 When she said, 'start', everyone just feverishly hacking away as if we had a clue.

I have no idea what I am doing. The outer plastic glove is slipping, my fingers getting numb and I am not getting any decent shape. I have mug in mind, then I broke the handle, and then.. I don't know.. I distorted it the further I finished  as a cross between a bowl and a jar.

My brother in-law di sebelah, dengan tekun dan bersungguh-sungguhnya membuat cup yang cantik. Tau-tau yang menang bukan dia, tapi anak dia. 

The winners - 1st brother in-law, 2nd mother in-law (caya la!), 3rd niece.

After the hard work, we were brought into a small chamber of Ice World.

Cantiknya...di dalam ini. Berapa lama la dorang mensculpting semua ini.

It's a city.

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