Monday, April 2, 2012

K Food

Still on Korea. The food.

For breakfast, except the first day when we got udon mee, most days we got American breakfast at the hotel. We stayed at four different hotels.

First encounter with udon mee.

 Second day at Daemyung Resort Hotel.

 Third day at Windsor Hotel. Here you put away your own dirty dishes. There are 3 bins provided, one for fork&spoon, one for plastic cups and another for leftover food.

 Fourth day at Secret Hotel. Can you see the container infront of me? My sister's kuih makmur, all the way from KK. She brought makmur and tat nenas, apart from sambal udang.

Fifth day at Twobin Hotel. We stayed 2 nights here. Last hotel before leaving Korea.

Lunch and dinner, pretty much the same - seafood steamboat. Day after day.

 First day lunch at Naminara wharf. We were a bit excited to be sitting on the floor. The fish didn't look appetising but you'd be surprised, it was quite tasty. It's like oven-baked to perfection and no fishy smell. The small bowl of rice was actually a lot and we found out that the rice here is very filling, glutinousy like. No steamboat yet this time, we got vegetable soup instead.

They saved the steamboat for dinner.

First day dinner, a huge steamboat of seafood. The crab weren't that fresh. Tasted like it had been frozen for years.

 Our second day lunch. See the siut decorating the walls. This restaurant is totally seafood. Today's menu is pollack soup and grilled sardine fish. Pollack is a popular fish here. Always made into soup. But the soup contained very little fish meat , instead a lot of tauhu added. Ceh..complain..

Exterior of the restaurant. The hanged potraits are owners of the restaurant. The young man is the current owner, I'm guessing this is a family business.

Second day dinner at Sky Bar restaurant. Yeah, steamboat again. Today, there's a strange side dish. Among usual kimchi and blanched sprout, a spoonfull of potato salad. Motif, kombinasi?

Third day, we had lunch at the theme park. Fastfood. But for dinner, we went to a secret passageway.
 Behind this building, Korea Freedom Federation, there's an underground restaurant. Upstairs, there's shops selling souveneirs. Strange location.

 We brought our canned food every meal times now. Sambal ikan bilis, kari ayam, etc. to compensate the repeat menu.

 Fourth day lunch. I'm so ready for a different food. I'm getting sick of K-soup.

 So for dinner, the guide got us bibimbap. A claypot of rice mixed with vege on a hotplate. This is nice. A bit like fried rice. The unavoidable soup was served along too. My nieces can survive here in Korea. They could still enjoy the soup.

 Fifth day lunch, we're having buffet spread. Yeay!
The shabu-shabu (buffet) are just like elsewhere. There's rice, fried noodles, salad, sushi, cakes, icecream , coffee, juice, fruits. The little local cakes were yummy.

 Steamboat still there. We have become expert at heating our canned food at the stove without spilling.

 This was our last dinner, the fifth day. A muslim pakistani restaurant, Evergreen.
Quite a posh restaurant. We had ordered additonal meat dish, chicken masala and mutton curry. Nice.

Last lunch on the 6th day before heading to airport. Same old - steamboat and kimchi.
I couldn't stomach it anymore. I survived on biscuits and chips the whole day.


whimsical said...

lain jua bah perut asia kita kan.

Kalau ada cili padi dan limo parah ok jua kali tu kan.

fabmom said...

Tiada variasi dan terlampau nda berminyak tu bah. Mau juga yg berlemak sikit. Tiada org gumuk o sana V. semua slim.