Monday, April 2, 2012

The guide

We got 3 guides. One from KK, travelling with us , and another 2 in Korea.

The Korean guides. His name is Kim Jong Sin, alias Sam. He is a proud Korean. Very keen about promoting Korean history and singing praise of all its achievements. Top in technology, great in sports, made the final in World Cup, etc. He takes pride in his name too, Kim, which is the most prominent surname in Korea. Their premier is named Kim. He's a diligent guide and knows a great deal. Sometimes, kami nda minat dengar cerita dia yang very detail, tapi kami nda sampai hati. Jadi kami buat-buat kusyuk. Dalam bas, dia suka buat joke. Nda berapa funny. Tapi kami ketawa  ia-ia.

On the final day he saw us to the airport, up to the boarding gate, ensuring we were all safe leaving the country. (ok, he possibly couldn't wait to get rid of us). We were moved. He was a caring man.

He was aided by a young man. A fine looking university student doing part time with the tourism. His name, I can't recall his real name, but he is called Rain, for the resemblance with the actor, Rain. Does he ?
Apa lagi nieces kami, minta puji ni kalau ada si Rain, control.

He did the running around, counting heads in the bus, searching the late ones, helped the restaurant to serve us, buying entrance tickets, etc. He is a hardworker. They have excellent work ethics here.
Kesimpulannya - Top marks for guides.

Ok, guess that's all about our trip. Have a nice week.


whimsical said...

ada jua iras iras si rain la m.penat tu mau ber ia ia ketawa kan.

Ada kamu kasi tips ka sama si Kim and Rain

fabmom said...

Ada. Ada kami collection setiap family utk saguhati dia, Rain dan driver.