Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home - so near yet so far


So our flight from Macau yesterday was 9.30 pm and we arrived KL 4 hours later at 1.30 am. 4 hours ! damn! If Macau-KK not cancelled, we would be home long now, fast asleep. We have a flight to KK on the same day 10.30 am. We chose not to sleep in the airport, but took rooms at Concorde Inn, KLIA just so to have proper sleep, never mind just a few hours. It was already 2.30 am when we checked in.

My niece got increasingly worst. She was wheezing and I could tell, in pain. My sister, sick with worry didn't sleep at all. By 7am they were gone. Out to find the nearest clinic, which is at KLIA. This Concorde Inn don't have one.

We left the hotel 8 am and anxiously wait for them at LCCT. They finally appeared around 9.30 am. She got treated (on neobuliser something) but apparently didn't finish the whole course. Well, at least she's breathing better. That's enough.

Finally in KK 1.30 pm. Haaahh....nothing like home.

Now the shopping. Not much ok. The main 'damage' are these :-

purple jade

some handbags

The rest are just simple souveniers.

Bye now! and merry xmas !


Shabbymom said... the handbags!!!!!!

Val Aziz said...

sangat bisai wohh..jarang nampak itu purple jade..dan bagasi nya waduhh...

Val Aziz said...

kesian your niece..telampau sajuk ka sana sampai kuar ampus?? ndada special shots ka kalu mau p travelling ke negara winter?

whimsical said...

hebat hebat.lawa kalung "parpel jade" u! Handbags juga lah kan, tidak mungkin kita boleh berhenti membeli kan!!!!!!

fabmom said...

hesitant - sebenarnya kalau ampus tu nda boleh la bah pi negara sejuk..sendiri tanggung la..tau la ni budak2 ada baju tebal pun nda pakai.
whimsy - banar val! tidak mungkin dapat berhenti!

Anies Azeera said...

..nda pernah tau pula ada jade purple. I always associate jade dengan warna green & the bags ... memang lah meliur kan. hehe..

Fabmom, have a blessed new year - good health, peace and love. Happy 2009!

fabmom said...

thanx anies! u too. happy 2009! have a blessed year.