Monday, December 22, 2008

Macau - Asia's Las Vegas


Kami mengheret beg masing-masing ke terminal ferry dengan langkah sedikit lemah. 5 days of long walks has taken its toll. Tapak kaki ni rasa macam retak. Amy, our HK guide send us to the last gate before bidding farewell. We're taking the 9.30 am ferry to Macau.

Tapi tetap memberikan pose ceria di dalam ferry.

At the shore we are received by Tony, the Macau guide. He's a Portuegese born in Macau.

Handsome kan si Tony?

We are only here for the flight home on the same day, so no check-in to hotel. While waiting for our flight, we are doing some sightseeing. Not a shopping haven here. I glimpsed one place called New Yaohan earlier while passing. But its a department store. As I said before Macau live on casinos income. Already there are 30 odd casinos around here and about 7 more are being built.

We are first brought to visit A-Ma Temple. The oldest temple built in 1448 and where the name Macau originates. No need for me to explain in detail. You can read up. Erm..the place don't look exciting. No photos.

Then, off to lunch in the Fisherman's Wharf restaurant and then 2 hours roaming the place.

Fisherman's Wharf is a theme park. It houses stores, restaurants, rides, slots hall, hotels and casino.

a walk through the park

This is the Vulcania, a replica volcano which 'erupts' on the evening. Inside it houses roller coaster rides.

I'm at the entrance of Aladdin's Fort. A middle-eastern styled fort with variety of childrens funfair rides. And hideously decorated for Xmas.

Aladdin's Fort, just beside Vulcania.

We are clearly not going for any rides. There isn't time.

We move on to the next tourist spot.

The ruins of St.Paul. The remains of the oldest church.

Then, we walk down to Senado Square.
in the middle of the square

I like the buildings. They are beautifully painted with vibrant colors.

And the place is bustling with people shopping for Xmas. We can't join. We are broke and tired.
Soon it is time to leave for airport. Due to AirAsia's cancellation of KK-Macau sector, we are forced to fly to KL first. (we are compensated with a free fare for KL-KK). story: sedikit kecemasan di KL


Shabbymom said... gilak kan!!!!...bejalan jak for 5 days!!!!...patah kaki syak!!!!

fabmom said...

marathon ba syak...sakit kaki eh..

Bobby said...

wow .. nice trip .. whole week penuh dgn visits and shopping .. mcm jealous lak nk pegi sana tp masalahnya comment about the people yg tidak pandai berkurapak english tue yg berat sket .. terpaksalah, tengok cerita cina selalu supaya pandai cakap ni ..hehehe ... And, nice elaboration of your trip ...

fabmom said...

hi bobby! siok ah mengulit baby...itula bagus belajar sikit2 cina...kami tu nasib baik ada sister-in law yang boleh disorong..dia half chinese..sebenarnya nda juga berapa pandai tapi belasahlah..hakka campur cantonese...boleh juga tu cina agak2 apa dia cakap..hihihi..tapi itu yang bikin thrill ba tu...