Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hong Kong - vibrant and alive


We checked out from our hotel 9 am and headed straight to Shenzhen Immigration to chop out passport and enter Hong Kong. This is where we said goodbye to our tourist guide, Johnny. He's only incharge in China. We'll be met with a new guide in HK. It was a blessing for us to have Johnny. He doesn't speak English but he speak melayu Indonesia. Fluently with a trace of Javanese accent. He's chinese but his father is an Indonesian and he goes to Indonesia twice yearly. So our communication were easy peasy and he understood halal food, muslim pray and things like that.

Ok. We arrived HK about 12 pm. A bit hay-wire as we needed to catch up time to go to all the places we had planned. For some complex reason, we only stayed a night in HK. So we hurriedly checked in, to Imperial Hotel at Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui area. Hastily took lunch and started our journey.

Disneyland ! our first destination.

Sioknya..sioknya!! I wish hubby and kids were with me..

Me & sis tried every games we could except roller coaster , no thank you. Adventure in the Dark, or something they call it. Roller coaster dalam gelap. Gila ka! My brother who tried, said memang ngeri.

Clearly 3 hours wasn't enough. We had to leave by 6.30pm . It looked like 8pm. And weather was getting really cold.
Straight away we went up to Victoria's Peak and ventured the wax museum, Madam Tussaud's. I went in before but there were some new figures this year.

While in the Peak, one of my niece became sick, vomitted and chesty coughing. I think its Disneyland. It was super cold there (it's winter in China and HK now) and she's asthmatic. So we scrapped the phototaking on the mountain top. We had dinner and then on to Ladies Market. Already 10.30pm. This is a pedestrian street market very similar to Petaling Street but neater and better. Orderly too. No agressive seller pull you aside. There were quite a few stuffs looking appealing but I don't know, maybe fatigue, depleting cash, I just had no desire. After 1 hour we left the place. The guys did better. Found lots of bargain. Infact they were kicking themselves for buying early in Shenzhen because they said here was better. Well who knew? story - Macau


whimsical said...

punya bida si naomi campbell punya patung.atu tah kali why naomi in real life pemarah, ia marah patung nya di hongkong bida kali kan!!

whimsical said...

mcm ada iras iras ambuk o muka si naomi campbell sana (am still obsessed by naomi campbell pic hahaaha)

Shabbymom said... banar c patung c naomi atu!!!....& Disneyland...hmmmmm....mun c cha tinguk tu....abis lah babanya kena tagih kan ke sana!!!!!....

whimsical said...

bahaya si wan ani!Karang di bawanya si cha ka standard supermaket dan kasitau ini lah disneyland!!! (mcm ia tipu cha dulu, putatan dibilangnya kl!)

Atau ada jua pesta di dapan Wims Tun Fuad now.Ada mcm roller coaster ka atu? Itu bole la kali si wan tipu si adek kali kan wakakakakakakak

fabmom said...

ya! betul! paling bida la naomi punya patung. nda sudi aku begambar sama dia.
hehe..c wan..bah janganlah suruh c cha tengok ni post..susah eh bawa anak damit..baik tah didustai dulu..

Shabbymom said...

hahahahahaha!!!!....tapi Jerudong atu pun dia bilang Disneyland bah...wakakakahhhh....inda apa tah...bawa ke bobo land jakkkk...huaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! looks like you guys had so much fun there. planning a trip to macau/hong kong, how much was the disneyland admssion ticket, may i ask? Thanks.../mj