Tuesday, December 9, 2008

away from home

The day before hari raya haji, we went round the kampung watching people preparing Raya. Lawn being mowed, dried leaves being burnt, buluh stacked up for lemang.

Somehow we ended at the beach, away from the buzzes, away from home, just staring into horizon.

Perfect weather, cool breeze.

Immediately we gathered the kids and had a day out at the beach.

Pantai Ayer Pancur Hitam. Popular spot for mandi manda di laut.

First they hit the playground.

Then, off to the water. Feeling the ripples in their feet.

In the end, in the water they go , splashing about till sunset.

These 2 (Helmy & Haiqal) determined to push the log into the sea.

And what of my raya? As usual frantic. 8.30 am people started streaming in from masjid, and I was still in the shower, having just finished cooking the last dish. No time for pictures. They were lots of people and we were kept on our toes refilling the dish. When it was over, masing-masing berlimpangan penat, dengan baju raya pun pelanting, tinggal pakai tshirt ja. Panas.
The guys then changed to tshirt too and went off to the slaughtering place. Gotong royong melapah kerbau. (No gory pictures).
But the next morning, we breakfast soto daging..


whimsical said...

Banyak pertanyaanku:
1)Pakai tshirt ja?celana dalam?...
2)Agak puitis kata-kata mu di post ini-adakah utk menyesuaikan dengan suasana tepian laut?
3)Anak-anak u pun mau jadi country mice ya....

fabmom said...

hahahaha!!!! tshirt ja tiada apa2 imagine!!! otakmu ni!
sekali sekala la puitis..puitis tah diri!

Anies Azeera said...

Iya, begitu lah tu Whimsy, kalau sudah berada di tepian laut, automatik tu jadi puitis. hehe...
Tapi memang chantique lah gambar laut u ni fabmom. Indah sekali.

tapi meriah o raya haji kamu di sana kan, ours quiet jak.