Thursday, March 3, 2011

not good

a boring one yesterday. raining all day causing cancelled errands,  streamyx  down causing hopeless internet, and nothing good on TV making a complete dull day.

i baked a chocolate cake with a generous ganache. a little bit runny so I used the leftover as chocolate syrup on my toast. bliss.

when i level my cake, i don't throw away the cut portion, do you? i save it, for eating later. and  that's what i did mostly yesterday, eating the leftover after breaking it up in a bowl and spoon  heaps of the ganache all over it like a sauce and eat it like a meal. divine, divine.

i'm sure that was the cause of my headache last night. too much chocolate in my system. at 1 am i couldn't sleep. i needed migraine pill to ease it and help me drift off.

what any of it has to do with these pictures? nothing.
on another day a week ago, i spruced up the plain ole headband of my daughter's with a pink black ribbon. she likes it.

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