Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mountain view

We took to the mountain during the tsunami scare.

Well, what happened was, there had been planning that weekend for office BBQ and family day at some beach resort but due to tsunami alert, venue was immediately changed within 24 hr.

With no confirmed reservation and a lot of food, we head out to higher ground to find lodgings. Fortunately, without much searching, we found a newly built resort with enough rooms and amazing view too. Unfortunately, it rain all day. ALL DAY long.

What do you when it rains on vacation? Exactly, we had food to feed a village so we practically ate our way through the weekend. That's the kind of thing you do on weekends, anyway, don't you? Bingeing.

As boredom set I turned to the TV and to my joy, chanced upon a StarMovie channel showing Everyone's Fine. Have you watched that? Beautiful story. Robert DeNiro is really, really awesome. I'm still picturing the scenes in my head. It's the kind of story that if I have the CD, I'm gonna watch it over and over again. Finally something good to pass the time, other than eating non-stop. (well, no, actually I still ate while watching).

Anyway, it was good and I didn't get so bored anymore.

The sun shone the next morning and the surrounding looked even more amazing.

Photo-taking frenzy ensued until check out time.

Group photo before leaving.

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