Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I would like to 'click' LIKE to these ole-ole I got recently from a family friend who just returned from a vacation in Vietnam.

Fabric. Lovely pre-embroidered plain colour chiffon. Nice beadwork too. I love it.

Funny how just weeks ago I was leafing through some magazines trying to get ideas for baju raya. I already decided I would wear plain colour. This is what I was looking at.

I would like something like this. Plain color and nice simple beadings. Ok, the fabric I got has more intricate work of sequins and beads on it than the above but they're just  in one spot, not all over the fabric. I think the fashion is going to work fine. I can't wait for the finished dress. I've got 2 kain now, another from dear mom-inlaw, which is a colorful floral print. I'm making them into baju kurung asli. So that's baju raya issue pretty much settled , at least for myself, gotta think of hubby's and the childrens' now. I guess we're all wearing green this year.

Another souvenier from Vietnam. A hat. Tourist hat or gardening hat, I don't know. It's tiny.

This thing is collapsible.

Do you know what I thought it was at first? Umbrella. A toy umbrella or maybe a food cover, you know tudung saji. Until my sister-in law pointed out, it's a bell hat. Bell/straw hat. Ok.

I appreciate the gifts. They're making me happy.

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