Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi! I've been immersed in life that I have neglected to post again.

Hubby's aunt from KL just left here yesterday. She was here since last Wednesday with her husband and 2 other relatives. Didn't do much entertaining since it was school week and all. We just gave a car for use and let them in my Mom-in law's care.They entertained themselves driving out of town to Beaufort, Kota Belud,etc, buying stuffs like 'beras bukit', fresh tiger prawns and this and that.

The best part was ofcourse Mak Ngah's cooking especially that udang goreng cili.Hmmmmm.. I should say no more. My sinus is bad these days from consuming all those wicked udang.

Kids schedules are tight this month. Sports practice, afternoon class, co-cum every Saturday, top with kelas mengaji and tuitions, they hardly have time for homeworks. And the homeworks are a lot. Not that I'm complaining. But they are really cramming everything before the long CNY holidays.

That's a whole one week by the way. You guys got anything planned?

None here. We'll probably just hang out at the club. I just hope the rain doesn't come some days. It's everyday, isn't it? Kids haven't gone to the pool for a while.

So before I take a blog break again, here's wishing you a very prosperous Chinese New Year !

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