Monday, January 24, 2011

New Look

Dig my new look?

Hee...I like it. I'm not too crazy about the new template but I love the new font. I've been wanting to change my post font to make it look my own handwriting (when I'm not writing in a hurry, that is). And won't you know it, there are new fonts out there at blogger! So while I'm at it, I decide to choose a different template altogether. I have changed four times.

Fancy changing your own font? Go to your dashboard. By the way, I got to know this when I was blog-hopping and found a post explaining everything about this new find. Don't you love a blogger who loves sharing tips/info and tells you about it in detail? Awesome. So I'm gonna pass on the kindness and hopefully make your day.

Right. Ok, this is how you do it :

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Scroll down to bottom and click on "blogger in draft" under Tools and Resources
3. Next, click "design"
4. Next "Template Designer" - at this point you can change template, background color and stuffs.
5. To change the font, scroll to the bottom and click "Advanced".
6. On the right side, select Text Font, and click. Enjoy scrolling down the options. You can preview to see if you like it and if it's easy to read.

So go on! Have a play around. Have fun.

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