Friday, January 14, 2011

because i need to blog

does writing the title count as blogging?
i did say i'm going to do better this year. easier said. and you shouldn't believe everything i said.
i think i'll share photos of our family day we had before the new year.

at a local resort, half an hour from home. everybody was there except eldest brother and youngest brother. we had fun throughout 2D 1N. the only thing slacked, it was raining a good half of the first day. such a shame we couldn't do all the outdoor games planned. it would have been great fun.
so we settled for indoors, and had fun anyway.
i'd like to say i have many pictures to share but i don't.

The dinner was great. Buffet spread of delicious entree, appetizer, 6 main dishes, and dessert.

in the morning we had a nice stroll on the beach which was beautiful.

while the kids splashed around in the swimming pool, us adults took to the sea. it was a great feeling because it had been such a long time since we last 'mandi laut'. fun. hopefully we can continue this annual family do forever.

enjoy your friday!


whimsical said...

m, MEMANG BEST kan family outing kamu.such good fun.for all to gather and laugh, eat and be merry.mana gambar kamu di laut?

fabmom said... and eat and eat...
gambar?..ntah saja dorang ambil aku rasa..