Monday, March 30, 2009

my son and his pet

Do we finally have a pet?
Well, we renovated the pond at the back and put in some fish. At the moment, only 5 ekor.

The kids are very happy with the pet and so excited they give the fish each a name. Pearl, Lemon, Goldie, Blackie, Pumpkin.

However the fish are very shy (or maybe terrified) , they dart around like mad hiding behind the fountain whenever their 'names' are called. I told them the fish will take some time to get used to them. Helmi unsatisfied and impatient kept nagging at me (to help him get friendly with the fish!..), I eventually sat him down and gave him an idea. 'Why not Helmi hari2 bagi fish makan, rajin2 tengok dia, nanti lama2 fish kenal tu Helmi sebab Helmi selalu bawa makanan !' (I don't know how true is this).

So that's what he's doing now, after school. Quickly change clothes, go out to the storeroom to get the fishfeed and feed his beloved pets .

Because it's very hot in the afternoon, he's not allowed out without umbrella. Nasib baik sister dia balik sekolah sebelah petang, kalau tidak, dia marah ni payung Barbie nya kena pakai..


Shabbymom said...

adihhhhh.....rajin nya membari ikan nya makannnn!!!!! payung2 lagi tu!!!!.....cute oh c helmi!!!!!!

Just plain Sharon said...

Waduhhh sangat sayang dia sama ikan2 tu kan...adorable lah your kid fabmom.

whimsical said...

Adedeh si handsome boy!!! Tapi be payung pink! hahahahahahahhahahha

Val Aziz said...

LOL!! so adorable! Mimang kena teriak mun kakaknya nampak payungnya dipakai ni kan.

Anies Azeera said...

aduh kiut ini anak. panas-panas pun kasi makan ikan.

..tapi betul tu, if we hari-hari feed our pet dia bole kenal tu. U know, my friend ada pasang loceng di kolam dia, everytime anak dia mau feed the fish dia kasi bunyi lonceng. Now if the girl kasi bunyi lonceng, the fishes will gather di satu tempat getting ready untuk makan. haha... syok kan. kena train ba..perhaps c helmi bole buat gitu juga.

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