Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun at Lembah Impian

We stayed at Lembah Impian (as u've correctly guessed) yesterday for our family outing. It was really a great stay, totally happening. We had telematch sports for the kids, gave away prizes, had a sit-down dinner, had a surprise birthday cake for 2 sisters. Everyone had so much fun, ate so much food and the kids especially, were totally thrilled and couldn't have enough of the place.

We checked in Sunday 2pm. It was peace & quiet. (just the way we want it). There were only 2 other guests. A big group of wedding just checked out earlier. We more or less filled The Pillars (1 of the accomodation building) taking 4 rooms and 2 chalets.

The kids nda sabar-sabar bermain, so we immediately started the games. A little rain around 3pm halted the games a while but it lasted just a few minutes. Anyway what we couldn't do outside we carried on in high spirit indoor.There's a roofed patio. So what did we play? Well..we had musical chair, passing parcel, statue dancing, 3-legged race, pingpongball-in-spoon race and catch waterfilled balloons. The kids knew there were prizes, they've seen the programmes :p , so they were enthusiastic, really racing their heart out.

When the rain stop, everyone dived to the pool, had fun swimming and playing till past 6.00 pm.

After shower and rest, we went down for a set dinner 7.30 pm outside the banquet hall. Nice food. Our rooms come with free dinner as well as breakfast (that's the deal we got in addition to school holiday promotional room rate). Dinner was only 3 course meal of beef rendang, sweet sour fish and sayur (out kan combination?). Tapi each was tasty.

gambar telampau kecik ? i don't know how to adjust already. pakai magnifying glass la.

Before giving away the prizes, we had the hotel staff wheeled out a birthday cake, surprise for our 2 sisters. The kids didn't know this ,well except my kids cos I was the one who had to bring it secretly. I had a hard time keeping them away from the cake cos they kept wanting to sneak open the box to see the writing. 'untuk siapa mummy? untuk siapa! siapa bday!'.In the end I told them & made them promised not to talk about it. But when everyone arrived and play games, they forgot it anyways.

It was thrilling to see my sisters' surprised and unsuspecting faces. They share the same birthday which was few days earlier. They are twins.

And then the prize giving. And what do you know. Fabmom's kids won the most! Kahkahakhakkahkah!!Ada lah suara-suara jokingly demanding postmortem cos I was the one drawing up the games and prepared the games equipments. Kapsit! Wakakakakaaa!!!!! Well...I did ask si Abang to test the balloons for me because the first ones I bought were too tough, tidak pandai pecah. So you know..everything was 'test-driven' first.. nasiblah... But anyway, we prepared extra prizes to give away (including for the 2 babies who obviously didn't take part in anything) to ensure everyone hold a present in their hand, win or lose, when they get back to their rooms.

A thing about this place, you don't want to stay in the room. It's more fun outside. Even just strolling, relaxing and enjoying the cool night breeze. After dinner, we all took a walk outside. The kids though, had more than strolling in their mind. They spotted the bicycles near the gym. Each grabbed one and off they raced each other around the resort.

Earlier at dinner, the hotel staff informed of the bakery's promotion for the day. Apa lagi.. lepas penat-penat main, duduk lagi di cafe bakery, makan buns/cakes with hot drinks (nda sempat juga terbakar lemak tu..).

We spent the next morning playing cards and board games and last round of swimming before checking out at 12 pm.

A really enjoyable outing !


whimsical said...

memang enjoyable and penuh bermakna!!!!pandai o event management kamu.ada games dan hadiah segala!!!!! very very good idea!!!! Kelab 3S keluarga Othman kan!!!! AKan ku tiru idea mu untuk dipraktikkan di kelab 3S keluarga Pillin!!! Kelab 3S keluarga Saidi amacam?mau tiru juga ka?

Shabbymom said...

adddiiiihhh.....inda lah aku mau meniru!!!!!!....panat tu kan mengurus semua atu!!!!!....tapi siok kan family day kamuuu niiii.....

Just plain Sharon said...

bestnya fabmom korang punya holidays. Paling penting tu event planner. Kalau ndak da, mati kudasai. Yang penting semua mesti supporting kan.

fabmom said...

Bah! Guess la siapa yg byk mengurus? c SAHM ni la! yg lain kan sibuk.tapi ok.semua co operative & sporting.itu yg jadi tu.