Friday, March 27, 2009

colorful onde-onde

Care to join me for tea?

My first part of the day was bad. I didn't like my lunch (porridge at RCH Damai, daughter dragged me there-masin!). To compound that, when we got to the car I found a ticket on my screen. For parking beside fire hydrant (I didn't see it!). They shouldn't paint the yellow parking line then, indicating proper parking space. Lots people are getting booked, I bet.

Anyway, lets forget that. It's raining now, later half of the day. I like it because it was really, really sweltering just now. I had a sudden brainwave to have a bit of fun with this kuih onde-onde. Or buah melaka as some call it, or puteri mandi. Whatever. By turning them colorful:D

So, please help yourselves to these and pick your favorite color.


Shabbymom said...

wahhh!!!!...very ceria!!!...dorang c cha & adek misti suka tu!!!!! teaparty kita bertemakan...kuih-kuih melayu!!!!...suka lah tu c V!!!...favorit nya pulang tu kuih melayu ani!!!!!....V kau bawa kuih linggang!!!....aku bawa kuih lapis & seri muka!!!...adihhhh....kelapa saja bah kannnn!!!!!!

pssst....jgn buat banyak2....kami (aku & V) inda banyak makan sudah sekarang ani....."statement berani kah?" lol lol / tekidum!!!!!

fabmom said...

Hahahahahaa!!!!! susah juga kan..kamu 2 inda sudah berapa kuat makan...NOT !!!!!

Val Aziz said...

Sioknya kuih-kuih tu..suka ku meliat the colourfulness..

whimsical said...

hahahahhha kurang hajar kamu!wakakakakak...aku mau o tema kueh melayu! Bah aku bawa kueh lenggang.Paleng ku suka kueh mueh melayu ani! Inda la kueh org putih bole melawan kueh melayu!!! AKu suka the colorful onde onde. Very whimsical kan!!!!! mana color terukubi? Au....M, kami inda kuat makan sudah!!!!!!!!!!LOL