Monday, March 9, 2009

found the perfect place

On Sunday, me and siblings got together and discussed again our plan for a family outing. Idea was first mooted a week ago. Something to do together in the coming school holiday. Date has been agreed but picking the right venue proved a bit tricky. I listed out 5 options in my list (yes, we took minutes of meeting). Some refused to have it near the sea, some reluctant to drive too far. So scanning my list, there left only one place meeting those criteria. At first one of sisters said its too near (oh come on!) but after arguing, all agreed the fact we've never tried this place, and this is gonna be something new. Enough of Kundasang / Karambunai already! Yes. We're gonna try somewhere new. We decided, lets check out this place and see if we can get good rates as a big group.

This morning we made the site visit . My first thought when we arrived was, the color scheme look exactly like my house.

What is this place? It looks like no ordinary resort. As we stepped in the reception area and took in the splendid interior, quickly all other venues fade in comparison. This is lovely. We must come here.

We were given a complete tour. I'm not showing many pics here. Keep it a surprise until I blog the real event. ( misteri konon! as if you can't tell already..). I'm sure some of you might have been here before.
a walkway from reception to accommodation

the hallway of rooms

We were completely smitten and decided it was too lovely to pass up. So quick phone calls made to the rest of the clan and so far 5 families have confirmed. Great! We are giddy with excitement.

I'll keep you posted ok.


Shabbymom said...

pssssst...aku tau ni tampat!!!!! lol lol lol!!!!!

whimsical said...

di mana ni lembah impian ka? wah bagus o kan.bila jua cuti iskul ni? bagus rumah u jadi "homestay" jua kan.ngam betul halaman rumah u yg besar utk anak-anak damit berlusir tu.cuba u utarakan kepada pak J. Mcm org putih bah, kalau tuan rumah pi holiday, rumahnya akan disewakan kpd org lain sebagai pusat percutian. Adedeh besar betul cadangan ku kan

Anies Azeera said...

hehe.. dekat rumah I jak ni.

fabmom said...

ya ka? bah...bolehlah u menyubuk kami nanti..

Val Aziz said...

hahaha ini dulu rumah my Tok in-law..heheheh..her "quarters" was yg di sebelah kanan gambar and the tingkap kaca damit2 tu master bedroom of my Mak Su in-law..