Friday, October 17, 2008

what's in my handbag

I'm tagged along with the others by Sharon, a long long time ago.
Anyway, here goes.

At the moment, this is my favourite handbag.

And what's inside?

Just these :

1. Purse with the usual contents - cash, credit card, membership card, discount card, ID and driving licence.

2. Handphone

3. Camera that took this photo

4. Wet tissue, dry tissue
5. A note pad and a pen
6. A mini measuring tape

10. A little vanity case to hold these :

a) lipstick pallette

b) mini hair brush (mainly to tidy daughter's hair)

c) nivea lip care

d) face blotter

e)some handyplast

f) some medication for migraine and gastric

And that's it !

1. Nope, nothing illegal.

2. Nothing embarrassing

3. The most important items would be purse and handphone.

4. The smallest item, I guess the pen.


Lets hear from bakermin, shall we?

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