Sunday, October 19, 2008

BBQ party

Last night we had a barbeque party. What a blast time we had.
Hubby's relatives arrived Friday afternoon and the house got crowded and noisy and fun. The gotong royong started Saturday morning. 6.00 am , we were off to Pasar getting the main ingredients. Started marinating stuffs right away while the tent is being put up.

We had 'ambuyat' for lunch with the side dish of nangka masak lemak cili api, sayur pucuk paku, sambal mangga and ikan goreng. And that's enough to fuel us for the workload ahead. 4 pm, the buzz is on. Karaoke people start setting up the system. BBQ equipment ready to fire. Women in the kitchen cooking away. There was heavy rain around 5.30pm. We're undeterred. The tent is up. Anyway it stopped before the first guest arrived.

Our menu : 1) for masakan kampung : ikan bakar, udang bakar, sotong bakar, chicken wing bakar, ulam dan sambal belacan, nenas masak lemak dengan tiram, sayur labu dengan sayur manis, sambal mangga and by the kids' popular demand-nasi himpit and kuah kacang .

2) for western food : spaghetti with bolognaise, lamb chops and chicken salad.

And then, hubby's Mak Su made a last minute addition of bubur kacang with durian. They bought this succulent sweet durian by the roadside at UMS roundabout when they went out in the afternoon. The intention was to bring home and serve right out but their kids gobbled a good portion while in the car and there wasn't enough left for everyone when they got home. Feeling guilty, her aunt made it to a bubur so that tiada yang kempunan.

Hubby's cousin came with some buah tangan of kek lapis kukus, kuih talam and kuih apam that are just hot from the kitchen and seriously sedapp.

The karaoke sound system was excellent. No lack of able singers. And I can say the older guys got the run for their money by hubby's little cousin. An 11 year old girl who could carry any tune beautifully. Then midway, a slot of poco-poco dance lead by the teenager nephews and nieces which got the party going.

The last guests left around 1 am. Yes no kidding. Well they live just a few meters away so no worries. Great fun. Tired and beaten but it was great.



whimsical said...

ala punya siok kan!!memang a blast.dari balcony sayur sayuran ku, aku nampak lampu terang di compound dan asap bbq berkepul kepul o.nasib inda ada aku tercium bau.ada kamu jemput si james wong dengan kuyuk nya yg basar atu?

Shabbymom said...

wahhhh...macam mengawinkan oh kamu...siap bekaraoke lagi....mimang segala blast oh kan...bestnya...riuh rumah...atu pun baru saudara mara...balum lagi masuk org luar kan.....

fabmom said...

ia tah bah..kesian jua james wong..bisidia bbq jua tapi nada ingar macam kami..ani riuh!..

Val Aziz said...

miatu tah mun suda ada mood kan ber-aramai tih kan..jgn alang2..

Anies Azeera said...

Fuyoh! hebatnya BBQ party kamurang.

Fabmom, saya suka oh tempat tu budak-budak duduk main PSP d 2nd last pic tu. Syoknye!