Thursday, October 16, 2008


Lately I develop an interest in flower arranging. Once I got started I became a bit addicted. Every week I go out and buy vases and flowers.
Orchids. This was done today.
Another type of orchids.
wild roses

some modern creation to match the vase
don't know whats the name
Well, have a blooming day everyone !


Shabbymom said...

wahhhh....lawa...lawa...esp the lavender....bulih melawan c Indra sudah ni....menerima tempahan kah?

Val Aziz said...

chantique!! i esp like yg gambar ketiga tu, yg another kind of orchids tu..

Anies Azeera said...

clap..clap..clap.. memang chantique! iya.. I also like the lavender.

whimsical said...

itu dia!!!!!!!!ODOI putatan!!!! menangis lah si indra ani.

Min said...

penuh la rumah kau dgn bunga Fabmom.. ada bakat !