Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tag : Tetap Bersinar Selama Ramadhan

I am tagged by poppet. Thank you poppet. Here's the detail of the tag:-

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antownholic.blogspot.com, reskitrianto.blogspot.com, bashrie.blogspot.com,juzzyouandme.blogspot.com, sweethoney, sofiaroxy, darleeluv, a gift fRoM hEaRt, a gift from azza, sejenak bersamaku, cherita dapur, Was Will Always Me, Riezanie2u.blogspot.com, ibu-ayah-xtvt.blogspot.com, delicioushalalcake.blogspot.com, http://homebakery-leeza.blogspot.com/A Recipe A Week, fabulousmom

The instruction :
Copy the picture above and post it on your blog. Then list down 5 of your friends whom you want to pass this tag and leave a message in their blog informing them to come to your blog and collect the tag.
Lastly, add your website URL in the list above.
So I would like to pass on this tag to the following friends and wishing them 'Tetap Bersinar Selama Ramadhan' :-
1. Shabbychic mom
2. Hesitant Blogger
3. Anies

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whimsical said...

jadiiiii...bila lah bersinar blog ini dengan posting baru?