Saturday, September 20, 2008

kuih raya..kuih raya..

At last. At long last, our internet problem is fixed. I've been so cut off from all of you, it's driving me crazy. To counter, I got myself busy trying kuih raya recipes while keeping up with the country's 'situation'. Not much. 16th came and gone. Nothing happened. Well a good thing too. I was worried a similar 13th May might erupt. Thank God it didn't and lets hope never will.

So, anyway, before I knew it, I've done 10 recipes. Have a look at my achievement here. Forewarn - this isn't an order catalogue. Hihihi..I'm just excited because this is the first time I ever make kuih raya. I'm surprised it wasn't too difficult after all. It looked so daunting before I didn't even bother to try. My late mom would have been proud if she saw these. Maybe it's all because I'm a SAHM now. I can't imagine attempting while I was still working.

Kuih Badam Coklat. The most difficult due to shape, plus I spent half day glazing. But my eldest son & daughter loves it. I guess it's a keeper.

Biskut Mazola. Easiest and no egg.

Biskut peanut butter. I won't try this again. Too sweet. I'm not sure whether to cut down sugar or pnut butter.

Cornflakes Daisy. I would modify the filling next time. The tart is good.

Cornflakes Mate. I've got to find a better way to drizzle the top without messing the shape. Youngest son's favourite.

Biskut Kelapa. Biasa.

Biskut Cornflakes Bijan. I'm curious to try it because it uses hard boiled egg. Makes the taste light and 'cushy'.

Biskut Buah. Very basic. The 'buah' is sultanas and ceri. My sis in law like it though.

Biskut Coklat Orange. Very crispy. But the dipping process is quite tedious.

Ok this isn't new. I make this every year. My favourite. Kuih Siput.

So how about you guys? Any homemade raya cookies? Let's trade recipes. I'm in search of London Almond recipe. I need a new recipe book. These I got from a book called - Chef, Pilihan Terbaik Biskut & Kek- published in 2002. The recipe really work. But it's great if there's more latest interesting cookies to learn. If you got any good books that you know, please let me know.



Poppet said...

Woohooo.. mo Hari Raya sudah... siapun paling minat tu kuih siput.. my feberet! Ble tahan juga ko aah.. rajin ooo, tapi jimat bah kan drp tempah dgn org lain.. sure mahal gila.

fabmom said...

ohh.memang jimat poppet..sekarang RM20 sebalang pun susah mo dapat kos bahan-bahan nda sampai RM100, can make 10 types cookies and each fill up 2 jars...imagine..

Shabbymom said...


bulih tahan ohhhh.....banyak kuih nya!!!....kek lapis ada jua kah?..kamu open house kah? bila? inda sabar aku mau rasa kuih muih muuuu!!!!!

aku...baru tebuat dua macam kek lapis...kunun lahhhh....rasa ok tapi..yaaa ampunnnnnn....punya bidakkkk....& panat nya.....biskut balum lagi ku tebuat.....minta ke mamak ku saja lahhhh....

Min said...

Honey... tahniah ! So rajin. I am never into cookies ! Wish I boleh dtg your house for Raya.

whimsical said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, the attack of the SAHM!!!!!! yup!u had unleashed the power of the "cooker" within u!!!!! Thaniah tahniah, jgn tah lupa aksi tapuk for kita punya teaparty

Anies Azeera said...

..wah, banyaknya biskut. Rajin oh. Saya baru buat 3 jenis. perhaps u can check here. Ada banyak recipe menarik.

fabmom said...

thanx anies.i'll check it out.

shabbymom - susah kan mo buat yg cantik ttp sedap..aku pun malas kek lapis ni..tapi itu sajala buah tangan utk mentua..besok lusalah aku start.

whimsy - c dayang nda jual kek gulung tu lagi ka? itu yg aku mo tanya, lupa saja.

whimsical said...

inda suda.panat kali aunty kam

fabmom said...

min - thank u.

Val Aziz said...

whoo hoo happening! ini jugalah cita2ku mun ada taim.. applause for the fabulous SAHM.

Val Aziz said...

U're tagged! see my blog..siok.

fabmom said...

thanx val.

Lab papa said...

uuyo, banyaknya kuih raya. Rajin oh fabmom, mesti best kalo pigi rumah u kan hahaha

hanna tyrza said...

nak belajar buat kuih raye boleh.. thn saye blh buat sendiri.. :)