Sunday, August 10, 2008

weekend update

Had a fun weekend. We had a barbeque party for my daughter's birthday on Sat night. These are some of the pics. Interrupted by rain in the first few minutes but all okay.
The menu is chicken, squid and fish. Fish gone in a flash.
Some dine in the terrace.
Some inside.
Excited kids on present-opening.

On a different note, here's some new addition in my garden.
growing orchid collection.
kacang panjang.
sayur manis. a long row of this. we have made a meal out of them, twice.
That's all! Happy Monday everyone!


Shabbymom said...

wahhh....happy birthday Ira!!!...the sutung & ayam looks nyaman.....

memang greenfingers bah kan c pak jef & makcik jelima atu....basar tarung atu kan.....& sayur manis...mimang payah kan menunjar yang fresh d pasar...selalu tua-tua!!!

whimsical said...

uiii nyaman bakar2 ani kan!boleh tahan oh brinjol u! syok o, kamu very "river cottage putatan" oh kan! sayur-sayuran tanpa racun!!! Yeaeeeey hidupp ODOI Putatan!

Val Aziz said...

menyahut seruan sekali kan, bercucuk tanam ni..seruan Pok Lah..Pertanian itu Perniagaan

fabmom said...

tq. gitula..cuba2 bertanam sayur..macam senang pula sayur daripada bunga...