Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tag : One Word

Hi ! hi! hi! how is everyone? holiday with kids?

I just got back from hubby's hometown for the kenduri arwah. The kids stay back there till the holiday ends.

Tagged by Poppet. I've done the 5's so I'm just gonna do the 1, ok poppet. Here goes :-

1.Where is your cell phone? ~ handbag
2. Your significant other? ~ hubby
3. Your hair? ~ short
4. Your mother? ~ heaven
5. Your father? ~ heaven
6. Your favorite thing? ~ recipes
7. Your dream last night? ~ confuse
8. Your favorite drink? ~ mineral water
9. Your dream/goal? ~ happiness
10. The room you're in? ~ study
11. Your hobby? ~ reading
12. Your fear? ~ snake
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ~ family
14. What you're not? ~ ungrateful
15. Muffins? ~ banana
16. One of your wish list items? ~ Haj
17. Where you grew up? - Sabah
18. The last thing you did? ~ unpack
19. What are you wearing? ~ white
20. Favorite Gadget? ~ notebook
21. Your pets? -None
22. Your computer? ~ Acer5570.
23.Your mood? ~ OK
24. Missing someone? ~ no
25. Your car? ~ Harrier
26. Something you're not wearing? ~ watch
27. Favorite store? ~ many
28. Like someone? ~ no
29. Your favorite color? ~ white
30. When is the last time you laughed? ~ today
31. Last time you cried? ~ dunno

Think I'll not tag anyone.


whimsical said...

adedeh!charlie o ini tag kan!wht u r not wearing?Baju bilang.like someone?NO, atu tia!jawapan garang!wakakakkakakaakakakakakakakaak!!!!

Shabbymom said...

wakakakah....sot kan soalan nya!!!

wht u r not wearing?...BRA!!!!

like someone?......Pak Jef lah bah kan!!!!!


fabmom said...

hahahahaaahh!!! nda payah la ber like like..

whimsical said...

seriously aku ijap o if terkena tis tag.membari kabak-kabak.entah apa gambar aku mau kasi masuk.banyak pula tu soalan nya

Shabbymom said...

val....like someone?...gambar c pok itam!!!!...wakakahhhh

Just plain Sharon said...

fabmom: Sia rasa u better tag whimsy and shabbymom and see what their answers will be. I can imagine whimsy with the photographic tag. Hehehhehhehe...

Min said...

Fabmom.. kau pakai Harrier, bergaya tu :) . Eh, mari join group Baking Project Yahoo aku. Join tau, coz I know you love baking. C U.

fabmom said...

macam aku malu la min. yang masuk tu mesti yang terror semua, tauke-tauke kek kan.

whimsical said...

adededeh jawapan si fabmom, malu malu tingau.....