Monday, August 11, 2008

tagged again ! sharon and shabbymom

Ok. Here's my 7 facts :

1. I love tea party with shabbymom and whimsical (yes! nothing beats that!)

2. I love my time with my kids - ride bicycle, playing frisbee, watching DVD.

3. My fav past time is curling up in bed reading a book or magazine.

4. I enjoy travelling with loved ones.

5. I love taking walks with my sisters.

6. I love cooking for my family

7. I love shopping alone.

Now I'd like to tag : POPPET

I don't have 7 people to tag ( u've all been tagged already)


Val Aziz said...

Miss my days of curling up on the bed with a good book..

fabmom said...

u can do that once ur hubby's back.

Poppet said...

fabmom... I am here to take the tag and to hand over a tag to you... check my blog aah. :)