Thursday, July 17, 2008

Singapore Trip : Part 2

Ok. First I wanna tell you about our hotel. Have you ever been to one where they provide detergents? Normally they don't encourage you to do washing right? I found detergents in the bathroom.

Not that I needed to do washing there. But I'm sure if you're travelling with kids, it'll come in handy right.

Now without further ado, my shopping.

Trousers from Promod. Got this at Suntec Mall. Can't believe it's $19.90.

Promod. Different cut & style. $34.
Giordano trousers $29. And I got cash vouchers $20 which I used to buy tshirts.

Don't you just wanna faint!! This is a true SALE.

And then I saw a nice jeans. $49. Local label, Echo.
God! it's so easy to lose your head here. Before I knew it I've taken close to 5 pairs! OK honey..slow down..slow down..I've yet to browse dresses..

This is $20. Very comfy cotton. You see me in the picture, in this. Local - Echo.
$39. It's a 2 pc attached.
Promod. $49.

All below $50 lah. Don't be shocked at the sleeveless blouses. (Ada la caranya aku pakai tu..).
I need a sport watch for the gym. Just a simple one. $62.

Takashimaya is best for scouting kids clothes. Tell u more about it later.

First day windowshopping, I managed to snap these inside Tangs Mall before I was told off. You would go crazy in Tangs, just looking at the faboulous clothes & handbags although comparatively they're more pricey than the other malls. Couldn't find anything below $50 here. Huhuu...

Did you see that, Paris Hilton handbag? But limited designs and not so pretty and v expensive.

I gotta adjourn this post now. Loading the photos are so slow.

Coming up next - shopping kids clothes.



Shabbymom said... till u drop kah ni!!!! shoes kah tis time?....bah post part 3 capat-capat!!!!!

Val Aziz said...

wow wow wow..this is a true shopping spree!

Just plain Sharon said...

ya part 3 cepat! mau tinguk baju budak2..

whimsical said...

clap clap clap clap clap bisai bisai bisai!!!!!!kenapa tiada shoes?tema pembelian di singapore rugged/sportty kan