Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 way Tapioca

Let me ask you a question. What 'kuih' comes to mind if you have tapioca as the base ingredient.? Other than eating it plain boiled, ofcourse.
Last weekend we went to our old house in Papar and collected the homegrown tapioca at the backyard along with other stuffs. After giving half to my sis, I still have plenty.

I decided on these 3 menu, my fav snacks.

Kuih bingka ubi.

My favourite bingka. My sis makes wicked bingka ubi. Mine, still to be improved.

Kuih cucur ubi kayu.
This is made from boiled tapioca.Add grated coconut & sugar. Dip in batter and fry. Same way you make kuih kacang hijau. I like it.

Kerepek ubi kayu. All-time fav snacks. My aunt taught me if you want to make it crispy and tasty, mix the ubi with a little pounded garlic, salt and dash of vinegar before frying. You will love it!


Shabbymom said...

hmmmmm...semua pun nampak nyaman mun d makan angat-angat!!!!!

whimsical said...

masih ada ka 4 teaparty kitani?

Min said...

I pun baru je cabut ubi kayu next to my house, in the end, had to throw it away sebab dah lembik. Apparently it has to be kept in the fridge supaya tahan lama. Pandai la you Honey masak all these..wish I'm there to enjoy the teaparty sama !

Val Aziz said...

Goreng pun sodaaap!! cut into quarters n deep fry..

fabmom said...

whimsi & shabby - masih ada.nanti kamu rasa.
min - itu la..klo ada ubi ni lying around mesti di kerjakan terus..klo rasa malas terus kasi orang..otherwise sampai buruk ja situ kan.
val - semenjak ko puasa ni, memang macam2 imaginasi ko kan...ya sedap tu goreng gitu macam wedges.

U.Lee said...

Hi Fabmom, noticed your callsign 'fabmom'...and being a busybody must check out, ha ha.

Wow! Kueh bingka is my all time favorite! Anymore?
I can easy polish off 7 a glass of ice coffee too.
Love the ubi kayu too.
But kueh bingka...? I got the scent of your kueh bingka at Val Aziz's place, ha ha.

My wife makes them and her orang puteh friends, as well others from the 9 corners of this planet loves it. I love the 4 corners, and prefer them slightly burnt...

Happy baking, Fabmom, keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

fabmom said...

U.Lee, u don't say! i love the corners too, the thick skin part right? Gooey and sweet and yummy. You have a nice day too.

Val Aziz said...

dats the beauty of puasa..everything looks super deliscious!