Friday, July 11, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls and Pandan Chiffon Cake

Do you like cinnamon rolls? I love cinnamon rolls. It's sweet savoury and smells nice. Do you know there's a short cut to make them? Ha. I just learned it. You use the pie pastry. It makes it crunchy and so much more tasty and I just happened to have some frozen leftover from the chicken pie I made a few 'tea parties' ago . Just a fistful. Enough for 9 pc mini rolls. Perfect for experiment.

It turned out lovely, taste yummy and the kitchen smell so sweet.
How you do it is you roll out the pastry to a square sheet. Sprinkle sugar & cinnamon powder all over. Throw some raisins if you like. Roll it up. And just slice slice slice. Bake for 20 minutes. Easy isn't it?

And this is chiffon cake with pandan flavor. Do you like chiffon cake? I love chiffon cake. (helo.tape rosak).

Tapi puan-puan jangan terpedaya dengan gambar-gambar cantik ini ya, sebab sebenarnya saya gunakan cakemix. Kuang.kuang.kuang....

Really. I've given up making it from scratch. I'm so bad at beating egg whites, I don't know what is soft peak, stiff form, etc. and this thing use a lot of eggs.

So cake mix is the solution. At only RM 3.70 a pack of 500gm you could make 2 batches. All you add are eggs and the pandan juice.

I love the soft pillowy texture of this cake. Again the kitchen smell heavenly because of the pandan. Maybe next I will try with lemon zest, another fav flavour.


Shabbymom said...

wow!!!...aku pun "cinta" sama roll kayu manis!!!!....hmmmm nyaman kan usulnya!!!......Kek!...cuba yg lemon...nyaman kali tu kan!!!

Min said...

baru aja aku mau puji betapa gebunye kek chiffon mu... eh tapi takpe la, mix pun ok, janji sedap kan..

whimsical said...

wakakakakak memang gebu seperti minah gebu...tapi the cinnamon roll atu memang nyman kan.sure krup krup kalau makan kan.good...for our next tea party ah.
BTW, happy holiday ke negara asal parameswara!dun forget to buy beg yg murah dari kambing ye.