Friday, November 22, 2013

Water Rafting

I am excited for today. We're going for some physical challenge activity. Water rafting in Bali. I hope it isn't too tough. I hope it's wild at the same time. Enough to pump adrenalin and to remember it as one of the best experience we've had together.

The place is Ayong Jeram, about 2 hours drive from where we stay.

At the starting point, we are handed over to our carer/raft captain.
He suit us up with life jackets, helmet and hand us each a paddle.

And off we go. Behind the station, is the path down the jungle towards the river, passing by paddy field. About 15 min walk downhill although it feels like hours. Mom-in-law stayed behind with the chauffeur and our bags.

The excitement grows when we're nearing and hear the sound of the river. Some tourists are already down there roaring.

We got a dainty little raft. Doesn't look sturdy, does it?

Daughter and I kind of a bit scared at this point but we tough it out. Excitement exceeds fear at any rate. We are ready to rumble.

Belum lagi apa-apa ni. Belum start. Tapi macam 'kemenangan' sudah konon..

paling manang !

Into the boat..paddle forward.. and stop..

..paddle again...and.........................

wooossssshhhhhhhh !!!!! woohooo!!!!

About 2 hours of this (total 14km). 

Halfway we meet a waterfall.

Inilah part paling best. Mandi air terjun.

When it isn't rocky and the water calm, we jump out the boat for a swim or pull over at the bank for photos.

The water is cold.

We have to climb back up the hill at the finishing point. After shower and change, there's free lunch buffet at the sawah bendang restaurant hut.

Awesome. Definitely exceeding expectation. 

Ini penanda aras kami yang terbaik setakat percutian ni. Betulkah penggunaan ayat tu? :D

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