Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bali Again

Air Asia opened its KK-Bali starting July and hubs thought it perfect for a group family holiday. He got us on November trip after the school hols and asked me to campaign for the others to join. What he and I overlooked was, there were still major exams to be sat by our nieces (his included), until end of November. Bummer. No one could join us.

I was then a bit sceptical about how the children were going to like the trip. The last trip in April, (sans kids), we enjoyed the beach, the busy street , the heavenly massage experience, some scenery out of town and the villa where we stayed.  I doubt the kids enjoy the same thing, save maybe the villa. So here’s what we planned- repeat the villa and  mix in some fun day outings specifically for the kids. We were strongly recommended by the guide to try Waterbom, a water park at Kuta. Nobody been there and not enjoy it even if they’re not into water. He also recommended safari park, dolphins watching, turtle island, snorkelling, water walking, water rafting, ..among others. We were staying 7 nights so we chose 2 more activites beside Waterbom and settled for water rafting and safari park. 

The first day we arrived it drizzled. Same as back home, year end is the wet season, musim tengkujuh.The kids spent the day at Waterbom with their dad, while I took mom-in-law to the mall to escape the rain. She got some shopping done at Batik Keris. I showed her the beach behind Discovery Mall when the rain stopped. I always love the boardwalk. There are sceneries and surroundings that never quite captured into still photos with the same effect.

It rained again some after we got back to the hotel and steadily grew heavier through the night. Oh-oh. Is this going to be a ruined holiday?.

The Sun Island Hotel at Kuta.

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