Thursday, November 21, 2013

La Dolce Villa

The sun shines bright today, thank God.

We checked out from our hotel in Kuta and moved to Seminyak, just to experience a different area. Here , we checked in to a beautiful villa. All the villas are beautiful here. Ala tropical heaven romantic-honeymoon-set palace.

La Dolce Villa. 
It’s a bit secluded, away from the noisy street shops and hawkers. Situated within a cluster of villas at Gang Baik-Baik area.

We were greeted by the villa manager, a French lady, Ms Sandrine. She speak a little Bahasa Indonesia having lived in Bali for 3 years. She handed us the keys, a local cellphone , assigned us some helpers and that was it. She said she wont bother us at all until we leave unless we contact her.

We contacted once to complain the non-functioning aircon in the boys room and the microwave oven that trip the power when switched on. She sent men to fix it the same day. Other than that, we were plain sailing. 
We love that the villa has WiFi. The living room has DVD and CD player. The kitchen is well equipped and well stocked. Gallons of purified drinking water provided. Bath towels aplenty. Also top marks for quality mosquito nets and efficient room design. We didn’t get mosquitos.  Last time when we stayed at another villa, the mosquitos were such nuisance. Though we reported to the management and they 'treat' the area, the mosquitos still there and if I'd dare say it actually got worst. In the end we had to buy aerosol and used it vigorously every night. 

After dropping our luggage and briefly admiring the rooms, we went out to stock up some more groceries. Sandrine only provided western diet, we need to buy rice and onions. (I'm happy I didn't forget to bring along perencah and some canned food).

Our guide tried to squeeze in some sightseeing (to make a full day ride) before returning us back to the villa. The kids however having seen the pool, were restless and itchy to skip the tour and back to the house. (lepas ni pi mana..lepas ni pi mana..balik?). We got as far as Nusa Dua (a private beach) and Padang-Padang (another beach where Julia Robert filmed Eat,Pray,Love) before relenting and told the guide Tak apalah pak..kami mau balik saja..

Back in the house, kids + pool = craziness. Not coming out of the water until past 8pm.

And then, home cooked meal for supper. Love.

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