Monday, June 7, 2010


did you all enjoy the long weekend? what did you do ?

i'm sure (and hope) you had a better time than me. didn't go nowhere except to weddings and endless weddings from 30th may up to yesterday. B-O-R-I-N-G. a planned vacation had to be cancelled because my son has to attend extra classes during the holiday.

attending weddings = migraine. always the case for me. not because of occassion. because of the weather. and the weather is extreme these days. ridiculously hot in the mornings and rain & thunders in the afternoons. so when i don't attend wedding, i wander about the house trying to stay indoor as much as possible.

i end up doing this. decoupaging an old basket and a biscuit tin.

have a cheerful day !


Shabbymom said...

wahhhh!...lawaaaaa!...boleh order kah????

whimsical said...

bahhhhhhh boleh tahan si girl ani!!! memang extreme cuacha kan M.aku pun malar migraine!

fabmom said...

Aku x tau camana kau boleh spray lemari o V! Baru itu pun krem jari ku.