Friday, May 28, 2010

he's adult

he is seldom featured in this blog, my eldest son. today i'll make him the star cos he's just got his MyKad. it makes me feel he's grown up so much, so fast. he's no more on child rate when i renewed his passport and booked the airline. now 3 adults in the house.

first-borns. what do you remember about them? everything i guess. the most anticipated, hyped about, doted on babies. pride and joy of the parents and grandparents.

he isn't the first grandchild but he is the first grandson and my mother-in law was over the moon when i gave birth to a fine and healthy baby boy.

i know all mothers think their child is the most beautiful in the world. but i really did think he was a very handsome boy when he came out.

he's got sharp features and fair skin. one of the things i remember is, he loved the camera.

i also remember he's got many admirers in his kindergarten days. i was always finding love notes in his school bag (should have kept them). when i picked him up, i'd find girls trying to make friends with him but he would walked quickly straight to me, not looking at them and turned deaf to their calls . sombong. it was his way to mask the awkwardness and embarrassment.

and then he grow up to be shy. the girls still like him (this i got from my daughter whose friends always asks about him). maybe thats why he's shy.

he is very close to his grandma as any favourite grandson would. they share a special bond. their birthday is on the same month, only 3 days apart. they celebrate together every year. i used to resent it (when i was younger & stupid). i was jealous. i wanted him all to myself. that jealously stopped when i had my second son, my youngest child who adores me more than anybody else in the world. (err.. i think, at least when he was a baby, nowadays he looks up to his brother and wouldn't stay anywhere without him).

i thank God everyday that i have him and his 2 siblings and hope He continue to bless us with this happiness forever. Amin.


Shabbymom said...

au bahhh....hensom bah c abang ni!..macam kerabat diraja bah kan! sekali lagi bukan kerabat pahang ahh! hehehehehe!....

whimsical said...

M, very nice post.rfrom the heart.Aunty val is touched! si abang ada baca ka?paksa ia mengkomen!