Thursday, May 27, 2010

birthday bits

Hi. I'm Fabmom. I'm a blog abandoner. ("Hi Fabmom" says the supportive crowd).

3 weeks after my last post and this would only be my 3rd post in 5 months.

Anyway I'm here now and today its about showing off my presents (only a couple) I got for my birthday last week.

Low-key affair as usual. Had a nice dinner at my favourite restaurant with hubby & kids. The owner kindly served me my fav choc cake, on the house.

(By the way, shabbymom - he said he's making special treat for Hari Raya this year.No details yet but he's planning it.I'm talking about Brass Monkey).

And then, a fabulous lunch with best buddies a few days later stuffing my face so full that I fell asleep right after I got home.

Ok, now the presents. Tadaaaa!!!!

An elegant watch from hubby & kids. (yes, they forked out their pocket money for the wrappers). It looks masculine here but it's pretty in person. I love it.
A pretty serving bowl set from mother in-law. Very thoughtful of her. I like it very much.
I'm still waiting for the present from best buddies. Cough.
Till next post!


whimsical said...

hahahhaha memang lawa tu jam!!!!! terlampau bisai kan!!

Present ada mbok mau membungkus.akan ada upacara penyerahan hadiah tu.

Shabbymom said...

hahahahaha! bahhh...bisai banar jam atu!...mangkuk pun bisai!..pandai mentua mu membalikan!

bila tah acara majlis penyerahan hadiah?