Sunday, November 23, 2008

kids day out

The fun began Friday. I brought them out to watch Madagascar II. Have you all watched it? You must. We loovve it! Hilarious. From start to finish. We didn't feel 2 hours flew. I must get the DVD.

Then, Saturday we had a little bbq. Just a simple one. Hubby eager to test the newly bought device to quickstart the fire. It worked. Bbq done in no time. We're ready for New Year do (wink !).

Sunday, we visited the Lok Kawi Wild Life.'s been open ages and we only made the trip today.
Scorching heat and long walks but the kids didn't mind. They enjoyed the tour, at times going back the same place twice to check if a certain animal had woke up. No, after an hour the musang and tiger cub were still asleep.

All their cousins are here. That's why they tahan berjalan lama-lama tu.
We caught the 11.15 am show. The stars today were the ape Marsha, parrots Pako&Carlo, hornbills and a small python.

Parrots doing trick.

A coconut husking competition between man and ape. This is the volunteer competitor from the crowd.

The ape, Marsha won. A she-ape 4 years old but her strength equal to that of 4 grown men.
Some pics of the other animals .

Bambino in real life. Beautiful.

That's all for now. Chiao !


whimsical said...

BAGUS JUA aktiviti ni kan.memang ngam for anak-anak. kerabat-kerabat diraja labuan o kamu

Shabbymom said...

wakakakahhhh....kerabat!!!!...napa c pak jeff inda volunteer tu mengupas kelapak?....takut kalah tu kan.....tapi memang best kan ke zoo....SEKALI SEKALA BAH KANNNN!!!!

Anies Azeera said...

... best kan pegi outing ramai-ramai. I am sure the kids had loads of fun.

fabmom said...

...hahahahaa!! sot ni sahabat2 budiman ku...
ya anies memang dorang enjoy abis!