Friday, November 14, 2008

butter crab

No, I didn't cook it. Pernah juga masak sendiri, tapi tidaklah melawan yang Garden Seafood punya bah kan.
We went there couple of nights ago to satisfy son's craving (son kunun..). It's been a while, the last time we were there was in fasting month.
Oooh...punya sedapp. Gambar di atas, sudah tinggal sikit baru ingat mau snap, sibuk makan. Very fat ketam. Setiap 'compartment' nya ada isi tebal..huh! puas hati.. I was really stuffing myself..and my son..jangan cakaplah...sampai ke kolar baju the butter. He has his own style of eating. Crack the meat out one by one (me & hubby help with the pincers part) and heap it on his rice, and then pour the butter cream on top, and then he starts eating with his spoon. Save the best for last kind of thing.
It was raining hard midway sampai kena tempias belakang kami (table was at the side). Tapi teruskan juga. Too late to pindah meja and tangan penuh dengan sticky butter.

Today I got another makan-makan. Hehehe..if everything go by schedule, we'll have nyonya fish curry. Can't wait. I went to the gym this morning just to lessen the guilt. I'll tell you more about it next post.

On a different note,

ini classmate Chacha not feeling well la. Today he's better but when he woke up Thursday morning he scared me. He was burning with fever and vomitted non stop. Couldn't even hold down plain water, everything came back up. Had to rush to Dr Tan Twian Vui, the only nearby good doctor I know that comes in on time, relieving me of unnecessary annoying waiting. A lot of other clinincs, open like 8.30 am but the doctor only walks in 9.30 am by which time, there'll be already 20 people waiting.
Anyway, it's just an infection in his respiratory. He's much better now.
Well have a nice weekend guys !


Shabbymom said...

astagaaaa....c cha pun muntah-muntah...3 hari inda iskul bah...ku tanya cikgu c peah...janya banyak kanak-kanak muntah2 & berak2.....mungkin aying d iskul kali kan.......tapi c cha ok sudah.....kami bawa ke dr tan jua....memang mujarab kan ubat nya.....baik tarus....

Min said...

I want the resepi for butter crab ! Ada ka Honey ? anyway, kami di KL pun one family baru baik dari muntah and ciritbirit. Boleh jangkit ni dr. cakap. Probably got it from school or outside... anyway, take care ya.

Anies Azeera said...

..the butter crab looks yummy.
sambil membaca sambil menelan air liur oh. Seriously.

I hope your son is better now. My kids pun demam semua, luckily its already school holiday.

whimsical said...

hujan atau ribut taufan atau anak muntah-muntah tidak akan menghalang buttercrab! Nyamannnnnnnn gila makanana ni kan. Ketam paling bisai di dunia aku rasa butter crab ani!!@!

Val Aziz said...

kesian dia..nasib baik ada si dr. Tan ni..meliat butter crab ni..telriur suda..mcm mau jga ku gagahi mkn d seafood restoran w all my boys..ini bkn lagi setakat kolar tekena butter ni.

fabmom said...

thanx all..hari anak2 sakit sedunia lah kan..kamu nda tau lagi, Sat morning aku rush lagi dia p doctor..nda baik2..tukar antibiotik...hari ini baru ok.